WLRC in Video

The following links will download various videos featuring WLRC. For best results I suggest you click on the links and save the movies to your local computer. WARNING: These files are large and may take some considerable time to download even with a broadband internet connection.

To play the movies you will need a DivX player. If you don't have one it can be downloaded here. You can either install the full player or the DivX codec alone which should then work with other movie players.

WLRC on Top Gear

Some of you will remember back in 1999 when WLRC was on Top-Gear. If you do then re-live that memory by downloading the video from the website, if not download it to find the answers to important questions such as "are they toys?"

KO GP 2005 Race Action

The following links will download DivX movies of various finals at the KO GP 2005 all courtesy of Martyn Jenkins.

Page last updated on the 4th March 2005.